We do everything to ensure that the delivery to you is up to date. In order to fully meet the needs of our customers, we use the following logistic means:

  • EDI - electronic data exchange system B2B.
  • KANBAN - a method of controlling production in Japan in the 1950s. Kanban can be described in the free translation as a "visible directory". This method is based on the individual product cards, their cover and analysis. Kanban developed further and also means information system, planning system, distribution and control of production activities and tasks. It consists of organizing the manufacturing process in this way, in which each organizational cell produces exactly as much as is needed at a given moment. In this method, the control of inventories is recognized as a critical factor in material management.
  • VMI - is a system designed to improve product sales by increasing the obligations of suppliers. A solution is currently being used on the market in which the distributor or producer keeps stocks in his own area, places orders and quantities at a selected moment, based on the stock plan he has created. The supplier's inventory management uses electronic contact via the Internet or in the EDI system. In this way, the supplier receives data regarding sales, production and the status of the stocks. This enables you to include stock planning and create delivery plans that would be beneficial for both sides. The number and type of products ordered are not generated by the producer or distributor, but are created by the supplier based on their consumption.